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Cultural Earth Tours launches a unique tourism offering for Guyana

by Michael McCrystal

Marissa and Patrick Irons are excited to announce the arrival of… their new tour company! Coming on the heels of the arrival of their beautiful baby daughter, Cultural Earth Tours (CET) is the culmination of a year of effort to recruit the country’s best guides to support a new travel business in Guyana. Cultural Earth Tours is a small, family-run company that pays extraordinary attention to every detail of guests’ visits. Patrick and Marissa believe that sharing Guyanese heritage and natural abundance should support livelihoods for Guyanese families and communities.

The company’s new website can be found at https://CulturalEarthTours.com.


Cultural Earth Tours is offering three inaugural itineraries representing a spectrum of cultural and natural experiences in Guyana.

We believe that sharing our heritage and our natural abundance should support livelihoods for Guyanese families and communities.

The Macushi Cultural Tour is an 11 day/10 night introduction to the Amerindian culture of northwestern South America. Starting in Georgetown, visitors will visit Guyana’s famous Kaieteur Falls, Surama EcoLodge – a pioneer in Guyana’s eco-tourism sector, the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, Rock View Lodge, and the Amerindian-operated Waikin and Minari Ranches.

CET’s Guyana’s Blackwater Experience is a unique itinerary unlike any offered by other Guyanese tour operators. This six-day programme touches on the key points in and around Georgetown, includes a spectacular visit to Kaieteur, and then delves into the blackwater riverways around Arrowpoint River Resort. Guyana’s black waters are central to the Amerindian understanding of water’s significance and prevalance in this region, and there is no better way to glimpse just how much these waterways figure into the history and fabric of the Land of Many Waters.

Finally, CET’s signature birding itinerary is offered as a proflic two week odyssey into the heart of Guyana with a target list containing dozens of highly-sought-after rare and endemic bird species. The tour features coastal, fleuvial, riparian, rainforest, and savannah ecosystems offering even the most seasoned bird watcher a tremendous opportunity to view scores of birds seldom seen anywhere else on the continent. Led by some of Guyana’s most celebrated birding guides, this itinerary will prove to be the gold standard of bird tours in a country already known for its exceptional birding offerings.

Marissa Irons, founder of Cultural Earth Tours, says that these first three itineraries are just the beginning. “Most groups find inflexible itineraries hard to work with. We will be working to customize our journeys on a group-by-group basis so that every tour is custom-fit to the travelers who are participating.” Marissa also emphasized that CET’s offerings stand apart from their better-known competitors, given that the company is owned and operated by a Guyanese family. “This is our home, and these are our people. When you travel with us, you’ll get to know our country, up-close and personal. We want you to feel like our guests, not our customers, ” she emphasized.

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