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Guest Information

by Michael McCrystal

Your traveller information is required for us to meet the requirements of our lodges, ground, and air transportation partners. And, filling out our form now saves you from having to fill out multiple repetitive forms along your journey. Please refer to our Terms, Conditions and Travellers Tips page for full explanations about how we use and protect this information.

Aircraft Boarding Weight
It is necessary that all tour participants booked to travel on tour with us in Guyana provide the basic information to minimize any delays. Failure to provide us with this information or the incorrect information can cause delays to flights and inconvenience to other passengers and in some cases either passengers and/or luggage being taken off the flights. To ensure a tour that is enjoyable and hassle free, it is imperative that passengers provide us with this information. We appreciate some people are sensitive about providing their body weights, but all customers and their baggage are weighed at check-in. This is a procedure by the airline to ensure that the weight of the load is within the payload limit for the aircraft, and neither they nor Cultural Earth Tours will compromise on safety. All passengers are subject to removal of themselves or luggage from the flight if they are over the weight they provided and/or over the baggage allowance. Passengers are advised to provide a body weight with clothing similar to that which they would expect to travel in on the flight. Cultural Earth Tours cannot be held responsible for any passenger denied boarding or luggage not transported if they are over the weight provided. Weights supplied are provided to the airline in advance to ensure the flight is within the allowable payload.

Dietary Preferences
Please be specific in your dietary preferences so that we may make the necessary arrangements for you. Some of our lodges are located in remote areas without access to markets, so last minute requests and preferences are often impossible to accommodate.

Rooming Preferences
Your final trip cost is dependent on room sharing arrangments. If you have a travelling companion, or are willing to share with another solo traveler, please indicate this preference. We will be in touch via email to work out any sharing arrangements prior to departure.

Medical Conditions
Many of our tours venture hundreds of miles into the remote, unpopulated rainforests and savannahs of Guyana. Medical facilities are often hours, or days, away. Please indicate your medical concerns so we can work with you to be sure your needs are met all along the way. We always recommend purchasing trip and medical evacuation insurance.