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Macushi Cultural Tour

by Michael McCrystal

Guyana really does offer something special — a small South American country nestled on the Atlantic Coast east of Venezuela and west of Suriname, it is one of the last unexplored wild places on earth yet offers incredible access into a great variety of pristine habitats.

It is also a land of great contrasts. As you leave behind the coastal city of Georgetown, travelling into the interior, over vast unspoiled forests, and incredible isolated waterfalls. The lure of Guyana is its true wilderness. With amazing wildlife, and many sought-after species easier to see here than in any of the surrounding countries.

Today is planned as arrival day. Flights to Georgetown Guyana, usually arrive after dark, at Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Located 25 miles south of the capital city of Georgetown. You’ll be met at the airport by our local guide and driver, who will be carrying a sign that says (Culture Earth Tours) on it. After a brief welcome at the airport, you will be transferred directly to your hotel where your comfortable room will be ready for immediate occupancy for your first night’s rest. Overnight at Cara Lodge Hotel

Today you will have a full day planned with an early start. A tour around the city of Georgetown, where you will learn of the interesting and remarkable history of Guyana and see some of our landmarks. With each landmark you visit, there will be a memory to take back with you. You will also learn how the Cooperative Republic of Guyana is the biggest, most Beautiful and Bountiful of the countries of the Anglophone Caribbean. Located on the continent of south America, Guyana is at the heart of the Guiana shield, one of the world’s last remaining pristine blocks of the tropical Rainforest characterized by high levels of endemic flora and fauna. Overnight at Cara Lodge Hotel (B, L, D)

After breakfast at our hotel, we will take a chartered flight over the unspoiled pristine forest to Kaieteur Falls and experience the hospitable service by the Guides of this wonderful Park. Kaieteur Falls is the world’s highest free-falling waterfall. Although Venezuela’s Angel Falls is greater in total height, its filamentous drop occurs by stages, whereas Kaieteur is a single massive, thundering cascade 100 meters wide, created as the Potaro River makes a sheer drop of 228 meters, nearly five times the height of Niagara Falls. The spectacle is even more impressive for its remoteness. We will board the plane and land at Surama Village and take for a ten-minute drive to Surama Eco Lodge. Surama is a community located in the heart of Guyana and it’s the home of the Makuski people one of the nine indigenous peoples of Guyana. Surama community has identified eco-tourism as a sustainable used of their land. it means employment at home, rather than the men leaving to mine and cut timberi and other parts of Guyana. On arrival in Surama, you will receive a warm welcome from a staff member and have refreshments before you are shown to your cabins. You will then return to the diner to have lunch and relax in the hammocks provided. As the afternoon cools our guide will take us for a short walk on the Marabunta trail to observe the forest and bird life. Dinner will be serve under the stars. Overnight at Surama EcoLodge (B,L,D)

Today we will participate in the making of the Cassava Bread where you will learn of the extra ordinary Process of the Bitter Cassava. In the process, we will enjoy Story-telling and the history of the Makushi people which will leave an impression of how happy the life of an Amerindian can be. We will then head back to the lodge to enjoy a meal and enjoy the cassava bread that we helped to make, before we head on to relax in our cabins. This afternoon our guide will take us on a village tour to visit the local School, medical Centre and church before heading back for dinner. As the evening approach we will have the experience of a cultural dance and poem telling form the children of Surama Village and after our interaction with the kids, we will then go for dinner and retire for the night. Overnight at Surama EcoLodge (B,L,D)

This morning we will drive to Atta Rainforest Lodge. Atta Lodge is located deep in the heart of the Iwokrama Rainforest preserve. The main highlight is the canopy walkway with Bridges and platforms 100 feet above rain forest floor. The walk up to the Platform can be challenging but the views are magnificent, surrounded by nature with only the sounds of the forest, passing flocks of canopy-dwelling species taking it all in. Atta lodge was once a hammock accommodation and now converted into self-contained rooms. Tonight, you will enjoy sleeping and dining under the stars in the middle of the Rainforest. Overnight at Atta Rainforest Lodge (L,D)

After breakfast and saying farewell to our host at Atta Lodge and we will continue our journey for our next great adventure and meeting new faces. Notice as we clear the fringes of the forest and traveling towards the south-west region, you’ll witness the sprawling beauty of the Savannah, surrounded by the breathtaking peaks of the Kanuku Mountains and the Pakaraima mountain range. Nestled between the Amerindian village of Annia and Rupertee where the Parkaraima foothills meet the tropical rainforest, Rock View Lodge offers comfortable lodging, outdoor and cultural activities. Rock View is located in the North Rupununi Savannahs and about 420 km from Georgetown. Rock View is Managed and owned by Mr. Colin Edwards, which we will learn everything about him and how Rock View became an Oasis in the valley. After arriving at Rock view Lodge, we will be greeted by our host and our Guide and receive an orientation for our stay. Next you will be shown to your rooms, and we will meet at the diner for lunch and some freshly came juice. This afternoon our guide will give us on a tour of Rock view Lodge and we will visit the ranch house, garden, the fish pond, the pool and volleyball ground. You have this afternoon to enjoy and relax at the pool or walk up a small mountain to get a view of the savannah. We will meet above the diner for drinks before heading for dinner and retiring for the night.  Overnight at Rock View Lodge (L, D)

After breakfast and we will go for a hike where you will have a chance to see monkeys and other wildlife as well as great view of the valley, refreshments will be provided as we enjoy our view. We will then head back down to the lodge for lunch. After relaxing in the hammocks, we all meet for the traditional roasting of the cashew nuts. This afternoon you have the choice to enjoy relaxing in the pool, playing volleyball or biking to the nearby village and even horseback riding with the vaqueros. After a great afternoon we are meeting once more for drinks above the diner before having dinner with Colin Edwards and learn of the history of Rock View Lodge. we will then retire for the night.  Overnight Rock View Lodge

Today we will leave Rock View Lodge and Travel onward to Waikin Ranch. This Ranch is a functioning farm and ranch in the Rupununi savannah. the rupununi is as rich as it is unique for offering a special quality of life. We will arrive at Waikin Ranch and greeted with some refreshments; our host will then show us to our Cabins. This afternoon we will take a tour of the ranch and enjoy a ranch style lunch and fresh juice made form the fruits form the garden. After we have taken our afternoon rest in the hammocks we will go on a wildlife spoking venture, where we might have the opportunity to see the giant Anteater and other animals that live in the savannahs. we will then return to the ranch and enjoy our surroundings and have dinner and retire for the night.  Overnight Waikin Ranch (L, D)

This morning is an early start, meeting for tea and coffee in the diner and prepare for a morning horse-back ride with the vaqueros (cowboys) and enjoying the cool morning breeze and the scenery around the various Bush Island, which each harbor unique wildlife such as: Ocelots, Giant ant eaters, armadillos, Capybaras, deer, birds and Jaguars. your guide will then pick a suitable location to relax and stretch while enjoying a picnic. We will then head back to the Ranch and enjoy the rest of the day on the ranch. We will end our day meeting for dinner and sleeping under the stars.
Overnight at Waikin Ranch. Overnight Waikin Ranch (B,L,D)

We will leave Waikin ranch heading south of the rupununi to Manari Ranch where we will have lunch while awaiting our scheduled flight back to Georgetown to spend our last night at Cara Lodge. Tonight is our last dinner together, depending on the timing of your international flights, well arrange for your airport transfer accordingly. Please remind us of your timings. A group transfer will be easier, but for Participants leaving on different flight we will be able to arrange that transfer as well. Overnight Cara Lodge (D)

11 Days / 10 Nights
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  • One International Airport Transfer arrivals and departures by (Car or mini vans)
  • Ogle Airport transfers (this is local charter and schedule flight airport)
  • Double or twin accommodation, bed & breakfast (B&B)
  • Single room/cabin supplement, bed & Breakfast (B&B)
  • Meals as listed on the itinerary breakfast, lunch, dinner (B,L,D)
  • All meals from day one, as indicated
  • Bottled water, soda drinks, diet coke etc. daily
  •  Light snacks, cookies, crackers, nuts, sandwich
  • All road and river transfers
  • Internal flights in Guyana (charter and schedule flights)
  • Activities as described on our itinerary
  • 14%VAT – on all payments for tours
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  • Items of a personal nature
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  • Tourist Visa if needed
  • Emergency evacuation insurance
  • Tipping/gratuity

This tour can be operated on demand. We usually require 45 days advance notice to secure bookings and reservations.

I was born in Georgetown the capital city of Guyana. My mother is from the Makushi and Arawak tribe, two of the nine Amerindian tribes native to Guyana. She was born in a small village called Tipuri it is located in the upper Takutu-upper Essequibo region of Guyana. It was from my early years on a ranch that was surrounded by mountains, forest, and wildlife that my love and appreciation for our culture, environment and wildlife began.

The purchase of trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. Cultural Earth Tours cannot accept liability for airline cancellations or delays, or penalties incurred by the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets or other expenses incurred by tour participants in preparing for this tour.

Travel Planning
You are responsible for arranging your flights to and from Georgetown. Plan to arrive in Georgetown in good time for a good rest before our early morning departure on day two.

Please be advised that all tour participants must complete our Guest Information Form upon confirming your booking.

It is necessary that all tour participants booked to travel on tour with us in Guyana provide the basic information to minimize any delays. Failure to provide us with this information or the incorrect information can cause delays to flights and inconvenience to other passengers and in some cases either passengers and/or luggage being taken off the flights. To ensure a tour that is enjoyable and hassle free, it is imperative that passengers provide us with this information. We appreciate some people are sensitive about providing their body weights, but all customers and their baggage are weighed at check-in. This is a procedure by the airline to ensure that the weight of the load is within the payload limit for the aircraft, and neither they nor Cultural Earth Tours will compromise on safety. All passengers are subject to removal of themselves or luggage from the flight if they are over the weight they provided and/or over the baggage allowance. Passengers are advised to provide a body weight with clothing similar to that which they would expect to travel in on the flight. Cultural Earth Tours cannot be held responsible for any passenger denied boarding or luggage not transported if they are over the weight provided. Weights supplied are provided to the airline in advance to ensure the flight is within the allowable payload.

Packing for travel
Internal Flights  On our flights tour participants are allowed 20lbs luggage, including a small carry-on day pack with personal stuff in it for example, items of personal use Passport, Money, medication, camera, binoculars, and telescope.
Main Luggage  The main luggage must be a compact medium size suitcase or travel bag with mainly your clothing, books, and other items that you may bring with you for your travel, this luggage will be sent by road on a minivan the evening before we depart Georgetown and will be delivered to our lodge before we arrive by plane.

Please treat immigration checks as international standards e.g., no liquid, bug spray, cream etc. etc.

Body Weight
Your body weight includes your camera, binoculars, and scope. You stand on the scale with that.

There is a problem with plastic bottles at the lodges, so we encourage you to please walk with your water bottle to be refilled at the lodges with clean filtered water. We try as much as possible to avoid taking too much plastic bottles with us. However, bottled water is provided on a daily basis along with some, diet coke, soda drinks and juice. Water will always be available for you on the tour.

100% humidity, a small umbrella and a poncho is recommended, and for your equipment, please bring protective gears for them. You will never be cold in Guyana, no need to bring cold clothing.

Clothing & footwear
Light material clothing that can dry quickly, long sleeve, shirt and trousers for trail walks and tour activities. No brightly colored clothing, you must bring clothing that blends with the forest. Ankle height hiking boots and sneakers, with socks. Bring your willies.

All our lodges are equipped with solar power, with the standard USA outlets, however, when not using please switch off your lights or unplug your equipment from the electrical outlet to save the batteries.

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